Alligator Indian, “Revar Yu Drœm”

Fresh off their September release More Songs About Animals and TV, Alligator Indian recently released their first music video full of, you guessed it, Animals and TVs. "Revar Yu Drœm," a dream sequence soundtrack featuring choir vocals and gentle synths and drum beats, accompanies the peculiar video. Before the soft steady thump of the kick comes in, we get a two-minute montage of animals and televisions that weave in and out of footage of two masked women in the forest, who eventually break out into full-fledged freestyle interpretive dance. If you’re looking for a challenge today, check out this far-out video and strain your brain for some sort of deep meaning behind this 6-minute video.

"Revar Yu Drœm" is from More Songs About Animals and TV, released in September on Bleeding Gold Records.