Antwon, “Living Every Dream” (feat. Pictureplane)

Oakland's Antwon loves 90s vibes in his hip hop. We're not talking about 90s hip hop though, no Timbs and bubble jackets, or African Medalians and fisherman hats. We're talking about acid-wash Levi's commercials, Billboard charting samples, Doc Martens and dudes rocking crucifix earrings in one ear. Produced by Pictureplane, "Living Every Dream" samples DNA's remix of Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner", sans the catchy "dododododo" part – so basically the Soul II Soul beat. Antwon is his usual self, half-blunted and willing to share just how good he's living out in the Bay Area, where the cocaine is as plentiful as the sunshine and white girls.

"Living Every Dream" is off Antwon's End Of Earth record out now on Dream Collabo.