Ayoinmotion, "Jewo Jewo"

Post Author: Andre G

Ayoinmotion is an artist who’s content doesn’t stray far from poignant social commentary. In his case, that’s a good thing. His creativity and insightful lyricism means he sidesteps “preachy” territory with songs like “Jewo Jewo,” an uptempo dance track that he co-produced with Edson Sean. The song is just as ripe for the dance floor as it is to spur someone to read up on the history of corrupt leaders in Nigeria, especially during military rule.
“The military was unapologetically corrupt and that carries through to many leaders in Nigeria today, but we also see this in countries all over the world,” he says via e-mail.
He adds that “Jewo Jewo” speaks to the “devastating economic effect their actions have on a hardworking and resilient people.” Even, Ayonimotion wants us to dance through the stress. The pink-tinted, Lucas Reid-directed video sees Ayoinmotion playing the part of a corrupt Nigerian politician counting money that he stole from his people while he rhymes about the “game being rigged.” Captions, courtesy of Leo of Gravity MP, help Ayo’s lyrics resonate even further.
The negative effects of corruption can’t be overstated, but the uptempo composition and chorus help the track as a welcome respite for so many people, specifically hardworking people in Nigeria trying to make a living.