Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae, “Little Timmy's Prayers”

Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae's Ignorant Prayers mixtape was one of our favorite releases of June and for good cause. The long player was violent, mysognistic, hedonistic, and knocked hard, all while denouncing each of the named descriptions. On "Little Timmy's Prayers", Azizi tells the story of an "un-swagging ass little motherfucker" named Timmy. To Azizi, Timmy represents everything that can go wrong when a young mind takes the glorified tropes of rap too seriously, as Timmy begins his nightly prayer with "Dear God, bless me with a bad bitch / ass, tits, face anything to get me hard as shit / money to the ceiling / when I gamble make my cards good / get me out the hood to the hills with the fake tits". Amen?

Aziz explains his thinking behind the "Little Timmy's Prayers" further:

Tells a story about the low lives we converse with daily, mu fuckas scared to be themselves, and probably cant make decisions to save there lives. Dont be the guy with Ski mask (Timmy) hes a self absored motha Fucker that has no real friends, or woman. PRIORITIES ALL FUCKED UP & HES SCARED TO SHOW HIS FACE.

Azizi Gibson & Jeremiah Jae's Ignorant Prayers is available for free download via Brainfeeder.