Lower Dens, “Candy”

This is the best music video of August, we're calling it already. The perverse team of Alan Resnick and Noah Collier (you may know Alan from the Wham City Comedy Tour – he's the one who had the bit about creating your own avatar) have created an opus of cross-dressing, trust exercise, middle-of-nowhere alienation. Jana chain-smokes on an elevated tightrope. Other members of the band are variously eye-patched and cross-dressed and bizarrely face-painted, climbing rock walls in classy versions of tranny heels and attempting a zip line with a helmet-mounted camera. Even with all the wacky touches, the tone of the Lower Dens record – something about feeling different, and weird, and horrible, and depressed – still comes through. Everyone is looking away from the camera, or staring at something beyond it. There is palpable fear.

Lower Dens Nootropics is available now from Ribbon Music.