Debut: Barbarian, “Daze of Youth”

Meet San Diego's Barbarian who take the psych and surf haze of "Daze of Youth" matched with film negative effects that smoke and swirl in time to the video's alterations. Like staying up to watch 120 Minutes after the disapproving parentals retired for the evening, the video harkens back to the days of analogue linear video editing where dissent and rebellion was only as subversive and weird as the S-VHS tape allowed.

Like the tidal wave guitars that rage against the the organs in the sand, the psyched out spiraling swirls that stay spinning above the band; all this and more emanating from the cool shades of Andrew Mills. The group looks back with a certain fondness for the carefree days of the past with "ahhh ahhh ahhhs" of remembrance and more than a pinch of rock and roll romanticism. It is not until the minor key delivery of the the song's closing chorus refrain that shows the group's coming of age come full circle, where "daze" turns into "days". "Days of youth are gone, replaced by religion and abstinence from everything for everyone."

Rumor has it they are preparing an upcoming release slated for this November 7, listen to more Barbarian on their Bandcamp.