Beach Arabs, “Drifters”

New York City garage-surf group Beach Arabs just released a new video for their song “Drifters” off last year’s Wild Movement, which we are proud to be premiering here at Impose. Unlike the frenetic angular guitar and haunting background vocals on the new track “Ridge”, “Drifters” is a super happy-sounding track to the tune of anthemic garage surf rock song structuring. In between dreamy guitar leads and simple instrumental build-ups, Liz Hogg sings downer lyrics like “people drift and cowards break hearts, opportunities missed then we’re dead” to add some counterweight to the saccharine fuzz.

The video, which was edited by Augusto Lima, is a compilation of clips of swimmers, beach-goers, and hula dancers from 34 different B-movies, with a general theme of “summer.” And maybe “buildings,” too. The video comes out as Liz Hogg gets ready to head off to Europe to play some solo + Beach Arabs dates—and to storm some beaches, no doubt—which you can check out (along with the video) below.

26 – Liz Hogg in Perugia, Italy at Borgo Sant’Antonio

03 – Liz Hogg in Perugia, Italy at Borgo Sant’Antonio
11 – Beach Arabs and Emperor X in Alcobaça, Portugal at A.R.Povoense
12 – Beach Arabs and Emperor X in Porto, Portugal at Casa da Música
25 – Beach Arabs and Emperor X in Paris, France at Espace B

Beach Arabs – “Drifters” from Mouca on Vimeo.