Big Baby Gandhi, “Boomerang”

Big Baby Gandhi announced his retirement less than a year after dropping his No 1 2 Look up 2 mixtape on Greedhead in 2012 His reasoning was quite possibly the wisest reason to quit that any rapper has ever spoken: there's no money in rapping. You'll never hear E-40 or Too Short or Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z give that reason in interviews.

Before he officially quits rap, Gandhi is self-releasing his debut album, a 12-track self-produced body of work simply titled, Debut. He's talked about releasing it since May and has funded it on beat sales and money earned from Bandcamp albums. As a bonus, Gandhi released a video and stream of "Boomerang," a bonus track from the record which drops December 6 on Crack Diamonds.

After Debut, Gandhi is focusing all his efforts in becoming a pharmacist because somehow the rap game reminds him of the legalized drug game.

Grab "Boomerang" as a free download at Gandhi's Soundcloud.