Big Breakfast, “Dominos”

Earlier this month we debuted the premiere mixtape of Long Island’s Big Breakfast, entitled Luxury. Our writer compared Big Breakfast’s style as being akin to “a new breed of tongue-in-cheek, but technically gifted New York rappers, like Lakutis or Big Baby Gandhi.” So it goes that the luxury he celebrated was high gravity alcohol, a fistful of dollars, and putting those scraps together to order a Dominos pizza.

For the “Dominos” video, Big Breakfast takes us to Bushwick, offering a glimpse of the inspiration that he saw from the ground level of his stoop and the bird’s eye vision from a train stop. From a sign for cheese ravioli to Big Breakfast’s vintage Hot 97 t-shirt, the young rapper has Keyser Soze vision for his habitat as the lyrics come to life with every passing moment captured.

Big Breakfast’s Luxury is out now on Smoker’s Cough.