Boyfrndz, “Moving Parts”

In deliberate scenes depicting a group of diners being social creatures together paired against lonesome figures dealing with pain in solitude, Boyfrndz has raised the stakes in visual accompaniment for their song "Moving Parts". The colors are sharp and cold-toned, and the repetitive nature of each scene feels at once familiar and simultaneously jarring as we reel with the possibility that we've seen something like this before. Shots of makeup application followed by bloody bathtubs and tears make for alarming visuals that stand to stun and confuse, as they come right before and after we see young, trendy folks flip through their phone contacts, kiss, and laugh together. It's an emotionally captivating contribution, directed by Sean Stout at

Boyfrndz have a new EP coming out called Natures, and you can pick that up on July 16 here.