Destruction Unit, “Sonic Pearl”

Upon first hearing Destruction Unit's "Sonic Pearl", we noted the the equivalency "of equivalent of a sand storm infiltrating your living room." Rather than make a Twisted Sister type video, in which Destruction Unit kick in the door, liberating you from the shackles of your stuffy parents, the D-Unit and its Ascetic House Collective took to the Arizona desert – the origin we are all guilty of romanticising.

Strange visions creep into the home video walk-about. At first it appears as though its only the band, on a hike to smoke a joint in nature and fire a colonial pistol at the rocks. The further into the desert they trek, it appears as though a shaman is guiding them up hillsides and he resembles Jim Jones in a rainbow poncho. By the end the shaman in the rainbow pancho is the one holding the gun and it looks as though there is no enlightenment to the walk-about, only robbery.

Destruction Unit's Deep Trip is out August 20 on Sacred Bones. "Sonic Pearl is off Destruction Unit's Two Strong Hits 7" out July 16 on Suicide Squeeze.

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