Brainshadows, “Ripe”

Loving this slow groove from Herbcraft's Matt Lajoie and Oracle Offering's Dawn Aquarius' new project Brainshadows. It's a spooky dub bass groove with some different hand shakers and metal sounds, all floating around in an ether of echoing bird calls and light-as-a-feather reverbed keyboard tones. The video is a really lovely amalgamation of images of nature and the two performers hanging out by a beach in a theoretical 1971, and some sort of microbiological processes in red and yellow. This whole Massachusetts scene is full of nouveau field hippies who may or may not have had to wake up early for work this morning, and thank goodness that this kind of attitude can still exist, so we can have something to listen to while we empty the last bit of coffee into the grinder. You can get the 7-inch of this single on L'Animaux Tryst.