Premiere: ILLLS, “Teeth”

The Mississippi super group of mystery, ILLLS, debut their video "Teeth" directed by Carson Culver with director of photography Reid Cooper. Rumored to be from Slow Talk and Young Buffalo, the band gave us the lowdown on their upcoming EP, a psychedelic art storage space and the nauseating fascination with pink goo.

"The video was shot in our home town of Oxford, MS. We were originally working with a 'real' director but he was trying make us do a bunch of stupid shit we didn't want to do, so we basically just told him to fuck off.

"We rented a camera from the local university and got two of our friends (who have never really worked in film before) to just help us shoot an idea we had. We shot the scenes of us playing live out in our friend's art storage space, called "The Roost." The former mayor of Taylor, MS and an artist named Jane Rule has all kinds of weird and naturally psychedelic stuff out there. For the other parts of the video, we really did just walk through a grocery store, bought a bunch of nasty food, cooked it all together and ate it. There should probably be more of the aftermath of us eating the food in the video because were were gagging and throwing up for about 30 minutes afterwards. It was disgusting."

"The EP Teeth comes out June 17 on Sounds of Sweet Nothing. The album artwork is a picture I took of a supposed dessert that I got in a sketchy restaurant somewhere in Spain. The pink goo we ate in the video looks really similar to the album photo so every time i look at it i still feel nauseous."