Quakers, “Smoke” (ft. Jonwayne)

Quakers' "Smoke" rides a vintage sample that's not quite The Whole Darn Family's "Seven Minutes of Funk", but it's darn similar. Riding shotgun in the low rider is Jonwayne, who downplays his own skill with "this ain't a big move, man / I rap in fidgets". His ability to sneak in double-time couplets to his smooth delivery sets the stage for Jonwayne to be one of the next big men on campus.

It should be noted that Jonwayne, no matter the weather, strictly rocks flip flops. We think this is the greatest "non-skill based" atttribute to an MC. We also recognize this is a life decision and not a ploy or sham like MC Shan rocking polka-dots. This is a lifestyle. We imagine Jonwayne sharpened his teeth in rap battles, by enduring foot jokes and responding with tight knit flows with no room for bullshit.

The Quakers record is out now on Stones Throw.