Busdriver, “Utilitarian Uses of Love”

Were it not for Busdriver's video for "Utilitarian Uses of Love ", I'd have never reached this conclusion, but as I watched I could not escape the revelation that Busdriver is rap's Max Headroom. The pixelations and glitches are of an accelerated quality, as we've long surpassed the technology that brought us Max. Busdriver teleports (as he's been known to do), multiples himself throughout the track, and at the two and a half minute mark lapses into a glitchy neurosis collision that offers a brief opportunity to groove out.

It's also difficult to not wonder if part of Busdriver's lyrics on "Utilitarian Uses of Love" were influenced by his appearance on Blind Date. It's also possible we're living in the past this morning.

"Utilitarian Uses of Love is off Busdriver's Beaus$Eros out now on Fake Four, Inc.