Le Révéleteur, “Data Daze”

Le Révéleteur also has a new tape coming out on NNA Tapes soon, and this video is the first track we've heard. It's less typically ambient than his older stuff, arpeggiating a harder tone into something that is definitely computer-music. It's still beautiful, though, and this video by frequent visual partner Sabrina Ratté is a perfect interpretation of flowing, rotating squares, in her typical pallette of soaked-through purples and blues and oranges and greens. Her videos deal with artificial media spledidly, taking an unanchored idea like a very digital-sounding track and squaring it away strongly in the visual world. By the end, when we've elapsed into vibrating, striped terrain, there is no question as to the fact that the song is just as much about the images as the images are about the sound.