Busdriver, “Werner Herzog” (feat. Open Mike Eagle and Nocando)

Los Angeles's scene sea changes of Good Life becoming Project Blowed and The Blowedians splintering off into boutique labels, crews, and the Low End Theory night life, can be tough to keep organized. There's a family tree to be diagrammed, but who has the time to do it?

Here's what is known. Three of the most prolific and forward-thinking former Blowedians are touring together. Open Mike Eagle, Nocando, and Busdriver remain active in the studio, touring, and on the LA stomping grounds. "Werner Herzog" off Busdriver's Arguments With Dreams EP possibly marks the tipping point in which you can no longer count the number of times these three have collaborated on your fingers and toes. The track is 4-minutes of wit-waxing, as the three rappers prove no ones lost a step since the days of battling at the Blowed.

Download Busdriver's Arguments With Dreams EP here via Big Dada.

Bus, No, and Mike's tour wraps with Fullerton, CA tonight and Sacramento, CA on Saturday October 27.