Cambatta, "Ghost In The Machine"

Post Author: Andre G

Consciousness has been commodified in hip-hop within the past few years, but it’s still relatively easy to tell who’s really about it once you break down the density of their messages. Tampa-by-way-of-New Haven rapper Cambatta is one of the more socially aware, uncompromising rappers to hit the scene, mixing spiritual and social analysis into a technically superior skillset. He’s out to shut a rapper down on the mic – then enlighten them.
“Blacks are now gentrified thugs, food is now weaponized drugs” he laments on “Ghost In The Machine,” the latest video from his DMT (Definative Metagod Trilogy) project.
The Udub of NYBangers production is an urgent track that meshes club-ready 808 drums with poignant lyricism reflecting on the dualities of earthly existence, corrupt leadership, and the futility of trying to spread a message without a following. Udub may have channeled the energy of his previous productions “OOOUUU“ and “Don’t Run” on this one, but don’t just dance – listen to what Cambatta is saying. The Carlos “Lo5” Avila-directed video splices footage of Cambatta rhyming fiercely with clips of demonstrations, religious iconography, and social decay.
“Ghost In The Machine” is a double metaphor, referring to the spirit in the human body, and on a macro-level the human body as a mere cog in the “machine” of modern-day civilization. DMT (Definative Metagod Trilogy) is available for stream and download here.