Dear Boy, “Alluria”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles’ alternative rock/post-punk/guitar pop outfit Dear Boy – comprised of Ben Grey (lead vocals, guitar), Keith Cooper (drums, vocals), Austin Hayman (guitar, vocals), and Nils Bue (bass, vocals) – is flying high after critical acclaim for their most recent release, their sophomore EP Parts Of A Flower. And they’ve got more goodness from that collection for us, as we’ve got the exclusive premiere of their video for “Alluria”.

The upbeat – but poignant – single sets the tone for the black and white video directed by Baley Wynn. Each partaking in some form of mundane activity in a hotel room, there is a sense of boredom that lurks throughout the video. But it also highlights the fact that musicians are people and – hilariously so – that anyone can be a part of their own rockstar dream.

“We wanted the video to be a living rock photograph,” admits Ben Grey. “Those 1960’s stills of rock & roll bands in their hotel rooms, where you fill in the blanks as to what they’re talking about. Those images really speak to you… you can taste their chemistry.”

Dear Boy will be playing the infamous Troubadour on December 12th. Parts of a Flower is out now.