Death Grips, “Lock Your Doors”

Last week, we introduced what will eternally be known as the #deathgripsmystery and pleaded with you to help us solve it. In this week's edition of "What are Death Grips doing?", we have gotten an update from the band with the 6-minute video for "Lock Your Doors," a song from their epic release No Love Deep Web. The band gives little explanation as to what the five, short lead-up videos were trying to accomplish, except that they were all shot using a no-hands technique, which we speculated might be a GoPro camera. (Pitchfork takes it a step further, suggesting it might be a shill for Google Glasses but that seems unlikely.) Either way, the cycle of videos culminates in the dizzying, disaffected, DIY edition of what could be a twisted and screwed "Ni**as in Paris." There's more no-hands technology and the video was shot during Death Grips' Boiler Room performance at this year's SxSW. You can see some sick photos of that show here, shot by our very own Miharu Kato.

In a statement made to only further the mystery, Zach Hill claims that after this No Hands 6 video, "the summarization of the concept and project .. It could keep going.." And with that the #deathgripsmystery continues.