Favorite Places #5: WL, “Nothing Anymore”

The "Favorite Places" series by IntoTheWoods.TV specializes in breaking into places for live performances. They've infiltrated graveyards, caves, and boats. But this session's journey is about raising awareness, as opposed to the art of B&E.

Portland band WL lugged its gear out to a special place, secluded along the banks of the Willamette River. Their "favorite place" is on the National Priority List for the Superfund, an EPA federal fund that cleans up the most uncontrolled hazardous waste sites in the country. While the nature setting for their performance of "Nothing Anymore" looks tranquil and properly preserved, band member Michael Yun wrote an extensive piece to accompany the video on the truth about the area referred to as the Portland Harbor Site.

Read Yun's words on the significance of their favorite place here.