DJ Kid Koala Releases 18-Minute 'Floor Kids Megamix'

Post Author: Andre G

Several musicians have said that their first exposure to music’s possibilities was from video game scores. These days, the relationship has come full circle, as artists are having their music licensed for videogame soundtracks – or creating tracks specifically for videogames. Such is the case with DJ Kid Koala, who curated the genre-spanning soundtrack for the Floor Kids videogame. Kid Koala collaborated with B-Boy and animator JonJon on the award-winning video game which captures the essence of breakdancing.
The 71-minute, 42-track official soundtrack will be available on April 27th via Arts And Crafts, but Koala has offered an 18-minute preview of what to expect. “This is a live mix that will give you a taste of some of the grooves and battle tracks on the record,” Koala said about the megamix. “I labeled the 12 o’clock point on each record with some stickers and just hit record, needle dropping, quick cueing, and back spinning loops as you would do when deejaying at a break battle.”
The hip-hop-dominated mix was crafted live on three turntables, which showcases his ability to kill the wheels of steel just like the best gamers succeed at Floor Kids. You can purchase the megamix tomorrow at the digital retailers here.