EDEN’s “Sex” Feels Like the Feverish Love of Adolescence

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

Turns out, the new single by Dublin’s multi-talented music-scene newcomer EDEN is just about as appealing as the name suggests. Without taking the analogy to its full-blown porno-potential, the track offers a fun, catchy sound that conjures up the feverish love of adolescence… and being poised on the brink of all possibility.

Remember those first experiences with chemistry that left you totally breathless, when fear forced you past all reservations and into brand new territory? Intoxication mixed with chemistry, excitement, and a little bit of guardedness? There you go – that’s EDEN.

EDEN is that person you couldn’t resist, but that the entire time, you were struggling to ignore the looming uncertainty that the future holds. He’s dangerous: romantic, but not committed – no-strings-attached “fun,” in the best possible way. And all things considered, the too-good-to-be-true vibe is more than appropriate. After all, it could basically be describing EDEN’s budding relationship with the music industry. Only 20 years old, he’s just seeing where it takes him.

But EDEN’s sound is cool: think Pop-meets-Indie, infused with a healthy dose of Emo – minus any hint of Emo-moodiness. Because the single, “Sex,” is the hormonal high that comes before emotions get too heavy. You’ll love his slurred, understated vocals, the catchy and contemporary music, but even his lyrics recall just how scary it is when you just give-in and go for it: “I was staring down the barrel to the bullets I can’t stop/ And so I stand off, like indecision, ‘til this fear of feeling stops.” Just before the story takes on a life of its own.

EDEN comes across as fun but ‘guarded’ – in completely the right way. “Sex” reminds us of that exciting, addicting push-and-pull we’ve all encountered, back when we first began to dabble in love. He’s still getting his toes wet and about to discover that it’s a one-way-street; and once you get started, there’s no turning back: “No I don’t know how to forget you/No I don’t know how to forget you/No I don’t know how to forget you…”

One thing is for certain – we won’t be forgetting EDEN anytime soon, either.

**photo by Diane Jong

I Think You Think Too Much of Me is now available for preorder. Check out “Sex” on SoundCloud.