Jessica Ourisman

Jessica is a therapist and freelance writer living in Southern California. Follow her on Instagram @jessicagrey091.

Jessica Ourisman's Posts

Blonde Roses, Hell Or High Water

alternative-meets-classic rock

Wayfarers, “Kings”

Mission: definitely accomplished!

Chainsmokers’ Surprise Performance at the BRIT Awards Reveals New Collab with Coldplay

Listen to the New Single Here!

Joe Marson, “Explore/Explode”

We love.

Batwings Catwings, “Breathless”

An element of refinement and appeal.

Marla Mase, “Everyone Dies”

It’s a song about Facebook.

The Smallest Creature, “Reboot”

Reminiscent of 90’s quintessential rock.

Clas Tuuth, We Should Get Back

This genre-blending pioneer deserves more than just a listen.

What Nerve, What Nerve

Like echolocation for bots.

Sied van Riel, “The Reason”

It transports you.

Halfsour, “Ten Year Tenure”

Could this possibly be what it feels like to be an artist living in Boston?

Saint Adeline, Saint Adeline

Breezes by beautifully.

von Grey Cover Radiohead’s “Creep”

Four badasses.

Emily Afton, “Archetype” (ft. Lila Rose)

She had us from “gloom-pop.”

Phil Gammage, Used Man For Sale

Black & White? Forget about it.

Skinny Bones’ “Stupid Slow” Conjures Up What It’s Like Trudging Through “The Grind”

In a good way, we promise.

Wistappear, “Sistersong”

Undeniable richness.

Polygrains, “Slipping Spectre”

Impossibly cool.

The Furious Seasons, “Longshot”

It keeps you listening, loving it, and relaxed.


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