Ensemble Economique, “Radiate Through Me”

The films of Japanese cult director Shozin Fukui are cyberpunk at its most eerie and psychotic. Fukui knows how to terrorize his audience: whether it be with isolation, fear of technology, or the impending doom of the modern world. So it makes perfect sense that sound explorer Ensemble Economique (AKA Brian Pyle) got PIK to use Fukui's films as the video for his new song, "Radiate Through Me." The track is a slow moving piece with long vocal drawls, and persistent drum machines that clang to unnerving shoegazed drones.

The video suits the piece particularly well with Fukui's imagery of a smokey nightmare. Filled with helpless women, frantic eyeballs, strobe lights, and elevator shafts it's almost as if "Radiate Through Me" was made for Fukui's films.

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