Holy Balm, “Holy Balm Theme”

We definitely got mad love for any band that creates its own theme song, and Holy Balm's mix-up of no-wave funk apparently neccessitated that kind of reaction. "Holy Balm Theme" is not exactly the 1984-based beam of confidence and swagger; instead the refrain of "I don't know what to say/I don't know what to say to you" and the awkward dancer with her bra strap hanging down give the theme a charming lack of confidence. The animations are vague Garouste and Bonetti shapes waving through the air, in the open spaces around the dancers (the band), who float around in space, going through their social motions to their own personal soundtrack.

Holy Balm's It's You LP is available now on Not Not Fun, and watch for them on tour with Maria Minerva this fall.