Premiere: I'm in You, “Call Me When You're Drunk”

Brooklyn-based band I'm in You have thrown around a few identifiers in describing their dark, gritty sound. They range from the simple (post-punk) to nostalgic (a late-seventies high school prom band) to my personal favorite, apocalyptic disco. In their new video for "Drunk," a collabortion with These Are Powers' Anna Barie, singer Chris McHenry wanders through a particularly sinister club. Over quasi-disco rhythms and synth-laden lines, Ischer drops aphorisms that are both melancholic and heedless: "Why don't we waste it, what little we've been given?" The ominous mood, emphasized in part by indeterminate black goo, gives way to a soaring sax solo.

"Drunk" will be on I'm in You's forthcoming album Trust, out November 4. They are playing an album release show at Grand Victory on November 2. And for more unreleased I'm in You, you can stream a new track entitled "Tinnitus" at the embed below.