Krill, “Torturer”

Post Author: Mike Sosnick
Krill, "Torturer"

Conflict is everywhere in Krill’s music. Dense riffs give way to booming chords just to tighten right back up as the chorus ends. Throughout the sonic shifts, Jonah Furman’s contorted vocals sound perpetually frazzled and worried. It’s only natural, then, that the band’s latest video is also dripping with surreal incongruity.

The video for “Torturer”, a scatterbrained standout from February’s A Distant Fist Unclenching LP, pits a lonely guy in an old-fashioned mansion out in the woods. As his boredom ramps up exponentially among tea and whiskey in ornate china, he begins to see people in animal masks all around the house. Just as the tenant tidies up, the masked interloper (his subconscious?) creates a frenzied mess. The protagonist goes from scared, to complacent, to dancing like a fool with the half-person half-beast, as they eventually merge into one.

The chaos unfolds as the Furman screams, “I asked, ‘What did you come here for?’” Is he asking himself, the masked intruder, or both? Or is the titular “Torturer” the main character himself? Between the track’s delirium and the video’s equal madness, the wonderful enigma of Krill continues.