THEESatisfaction, “EarthEE”

Post Author: Ava Myint
thee satisfaction earthee

The cover of THEESatisfaction’s record EarthEE features Stas Irons and Cat Harris-White sitting nude atop a golden throne hovering in space. Infusing imagery of ancient worship and the cosmic future, the design demonstrates the Seattle-duo’s interest in exploring postmodern themes of afrofuturism in their music.

The music video for the album’s title track has just been released and it features their Sub Pop labelmate Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces and fellow Seattle musician Porter Ray. Floating heads with glowing eyes and swirling graphic effects paired with Irons and Harris-White’s tranquil vocal harmonies and woozy synth beats further cast the song into a realm of psychedelia. Director Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes says, “It’s a short visual meditation on the textile traditions of home, sacred Geo Metrics, theta based communication and the whirling dervish. A sonically driven work of ancient Afro continuum…”

The song’s chorus “Loosen up my mind / Lengthen and unwind” could perhaps serve as an instructional manual to the audience. THEESatisfaction’s album art and this video encapsulate how they effectively use the visceral to access the cerebral, capturing and fascinating our minds in order to expand our historical and political perspectives.