Leslie Mendelson, "Chasing The Thrill"

Post Author: Anna Hinton

Leslie Mendelson is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who is making her comeback with her first album in eight years, Love and Murder. “This collection is just about the songs and my voice,” states Mendelson, “that’s what people can connect with. It shows where I am right now as an artist and where I want to go.” With a set this strong, the album will surely make an impact on her listeners.
The song “Chasing the Thrill” is about honesty and seeing somebody as they really are, and the video mirrors that honesty. It discusses some of the loss she encountered between albums, and we can feel that loss through her lyrics. The video is in black in white, void of any distracting colors, allowing the viewer’s eye to focus on Mendelson and truly listen to her message. There’s no real action going on other than her singing and looking at the camera. Her clothing is subtle and relatable. We see Mendelson as she wants us to see her, and she’s getting the story straight with whoever she’s singing to. It’s raw, up close and honest.
Mendelson states: “The song itself is one of my favorites on the new record Love and Murder. It’s a song about karma. You’ll never find happiness in chasing after things that are meaningless.” This idea is perfectly captured in her song as she shows that meaning comes from within, and Mendelson definitely allows us to see her bare and unforgiving.
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