Melted Toys’ “Always”

Post Author: Katie Capri
orange ms paint drawing eyes

It’s Friday. It’s finally really hot, at least on the east coast. You’re brain’s more than a little humidity-logged and you’re feeling at your most astute. Really, all you want to do is rock all cotton cutoffs and lean back with a beer and your feet in a kiddie pool.

The new video for Melted Toys‘ “Always” might help take the edge off of the straight lines you’re stuck working between until 5pm. The washed out track gets an equally floaty visual treatment by Chilean director Anibal Bley. Visions of MS Paint illustrations possessed by LED rope lights flash across the screen in an abstract narrative about “a burning apparition that stands out from the sight of a girl.” The AfterEffects move the pixelated line drawings in front of a pulsating cloudscape that screams “ketamine” as loud as it does “Adult Swim”.

Watch the sedated mindfuck above and slip into a psychosomatically drippy summer Friday a few hours before the weekend official begins.