New Video “Smoke Screen Dreams” Is An Unbelievable Intro to What’s to Come For Cerise

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Cerise has been perfecting her sound for years, and it’s increasingly obvious with every note in her new single “Smoke Screen Dreams” off the upcoming Smoke Screen Dreams album. Described as having “a cryptic, dreamlike allure,” her newest music has been masterfully produced by Joseph Arthur and mixed by Matt Boynton. “Smoke Screen Dreams” hits you with a fiercely original sound, which includes heavy drums and what sounds like a faucet leaking droplets of water into a slow pool.

When I close my eyes, I can see a slow montage of childhood memories fading over one another; the feeling of summertime sunshine warmth on my skin, sharp blades of grass in fields we used to run through, moments of adventure and loss and happiness. The lyrics would serve well in that setting, as the first verse alone states, “Pretty picture scenes, stills moving/Give me sweet dreams, i say to everybody/It’s hard to stay clean, when you keep running by.”

When I open my eyes, I see a music video compiled in much the same form–a montage of imagery in other-worldly colors, focusing on Cerise herself. The colors and transitions in the video are just as ethereal as her music has been described, and I would expect nothing less than this masterful video to really round out the experience that is “Smoke Screen Dreams”.

I’m a big, big fan.

**photo by Emily Jean Ullrich

Smoke Screen Dreams is available June 24.