Octo Octa, "Adrift"

Post Author: Andre G

Add a new term to the lexicon today: Photogrammetry. That technique refers to the process of crafting 3D content by taking pictures from every angle. It’s what electronic producer Octo Octa’s video for his pulsating, mysterious “Adrift” record was crafted with, making the most of the 9 minute track that Octa refers to as “intentionally dour” compared to his usual upbeat tracks. The minimalist track consists of a thumping drum steeped in the midst of turbulent horns and keys.
“I don’t have a lot of hope in the wider scope of the world at the moment,” Octa said over e-mail. “I often find myself personally gravitating towards sadder moments when I have time alone to reflect, versus the hyped energy of being in a club with others.” Octa says the video, which took director Ray Mcclure and producers Jacob Sperber and Maya Bouldry-Morrison thousands of shots over several days, was an “intriguing, labor intensive visual” which properly suited the ingenious producer.