Office Culture, "Molly"

Post Author: Ian Schneider

New York based pop group Office Culture has just released their debut LP I Did The Best I Could.  The band consisting of five members has been around since 2015, and they are putting their own twist on the pop music genre.  Along with the release of the album, they have also premiered a music video for the single “Molly”.

The video follows the band as they explore the city, relax at their homes, and go through the process of creating and performing “Molly”.  The song chronicles a heart breaking relationship that ended with a woman named Molly.  The lyrics are a little on the sad side, but they are introspective.  The unique thing is that the music supporting the vocals is uplifting and has a happy feel to it.  It is also slower than most current pop tracks are, allowing the listener to focus on the intricacies of it all.  This is a really nice change of pace from what we are used to on the radio airwaves and in my eyes, contains more substance.
For more information about Office Culture, you can visit their Facebook page.  You can also check out the new album here.