Radamiz ft. Madwiz, "God Talks To Me A Lot"

Post Author: Andre G

Brooklyn MC Radamiz isn’t done giving us visuals from last year’s Writeous album. Today’s he released a video for “God Talks To Me A Lot,” a smooth track featuring fellow-Mogul Madwiz. Though the track’s gorgeous sample of Manchild’s “Especially for You”evokes vibes of a warm summer day, the Death to Tennis-directed visual takes us back to the chill of winter, as Radamiz, Madwiz and producer History are dressed to fight unforgiving gusts in most scenes.
Or maybe they’re just slyly playing off of the “spit fire” jokes and shielding themselves from the cold bars they dropped on the standout track. Radamiz begins the song in the heat of his rapid-fire delivery, waxing on “milking these demons for millions” and “still fightin’ nightmares” while “goin’ to sleep in camo.” Madwiz follows up with a typically vivid, assonant verse with lines like “from LA to MIA rockin’ Aaliyah/sippin sangria with Tommy Hilfiger overtones and flashes of Adidas,” before asking “is there a logical way to ignore me now?”
With every release from the frequent Mogul Club collaborators and forerunners of Brooklyn’s burgeoning underground scene, the answer increasingly becomes no.