ONSEN, “Follow the Numbers”

Post Author: Emily Chu

ONSEN started out as a solo project of LA-based Drew Straus, but it’s still growing and evolving in its infancy, and it’s become a collaboration spanning both coasts. Earthquake Weather was the band’s debut LP, and they’ve just released a video for one of the tracks.

The track is “Follow the Numbers,” and it’s far from ordinary. It shows three women in the visual frame, one front and center and two behind her. The focus is on the middle woman, who looks in many directs but doesn’t seem to be seeing anything. When she looks towards the camera, it doesn’t feel like she’s looking at it, but rather, stuck in her own thoughts so she’s not really visually focusing on anything. A bizarre party is happening around her, but she is oblivious, trapped in her own head. This is a unique video to say the least, and not one you’ll forget.

Drew Straus expands on the track: “The single shot music video for Follow the Numbers, starring Gates McFadden (with a cameo by Charlie Carver), follows a woman’s intense internal journey while all around her an absurd and surreal scene takes place. Seemingly oblivious to the 80s dancers, ominous men in skull makeup, and to the party being set up around her, our protagonist is lost in the past and in her own thoughts. Finally she flees the scene and house altogether as the camera chases her into the yard and to safety.”

Listen to Earthquake Weather now.