Perera Elsewhere, “Drunk Man”

Perera Elsewhere could have made her breathy vocals audible, allowing the listener to connect to the vintage 90s Bristol sound like they might to Portishead or Massive Attack, but in denying translation on "Drunk Man" it becomes a haunt. She's well-versed in the style, recording with artists like Modeselektor and her own trio Jahcoozi, though as a solo act she elects to send little triggers that arouse the memory.

The video's direction is similiar to the patterns associated with fellow Friends of Friends labelmates Jerome LOL/LOL Boys, seperating the track from the oft-cited lineage to trip hop (guilty). Necessary to a degree, it endeers Perera Elsewhere to the stylings of now, so that the youngins aren't put off by all these old folks getting soft on nostalgia.

Perera Elsewhere's Everlast LP is out now on Friends of Friends.