Premiere: Al Lover, “Vodun Moon”

It's early Monday morning and all anyone can talk about is Miley Cyrus' abysmal dance moves. It's at times like these when getting off Twitter and swinging through to Impose Magazine will surely serve as a tonic to the ugliness of the world, and Al Lover is with us to get by. In his new video for "Vodun Moon", the NorCal-based psych artist is looking to give us a little something older and more mind-opening than a masturbatory award show run by children. "Vodun Moon" takes footage from Lucifer Rising and it matches the tripped-out low-burning quality of the song itself. It's part eerie and part refreshing.

Al Lover's 7" will be coming out in two weeks on Punk Slime Recordings, and you can go to this link to get a preorder.