Premiere: Coma Cinema, “Satan Made A Mansion”

It's one thing to wear a face mask during an operation, in the city with the highest airborne allergens, while painting with spray cans, or during a SARS outbreak, but when it's required while sharing a cold one with your friend by a local creek, things are bad.

Mat Cothran, pka Coma Cinema, grew up in the 10th most depressing place in America, according to a Gallup study. We'll leave out where that place is, and rumor is this video was not shot there, but given the backwoods boredom that transpires it has the feeling of being from such a place. Two friends sit by a river smoking Swisher cigarettes and drinking O.E. tall boys. Pretty common. But what's with the masks? Does the chubby one ever look at his balding buddy of the same age and think, "man, I hope that's genetics and not from the drinking water or this bucket of KFC"?

Offsetting all these dark undertones of American life, is Coma Cinema's "Satan Made A Mansion". Recorded in LA, Cothran escaped his upbringing, but Coma Cinema is the bedroom pop vehicle in which he makes sense of it. Sometimes it's tough, given the mutated chickens in our body, the unfit and flamable drinking water, and airborne toxins responsible for cancer, to escape the feeling we were unwittingly construction workers for Satan's 12-bedroom bachelor pad.

Coma Cinema's Posthumous Release is out June 11 on Fork & Spoon for vinyl/CD and Orchid Tapes for cassette.