Premiere: Freddy Knop, “Raum”

Berlin-based composer, Freddy Knop brings the cool of the ocean breeze to his track "Raum" off the Polyphonies EP. Knop's EP mutates rather quickly through glitches, samples, patchwork, and live tinkering sessions spliced into lush composition. "Raum" though is Knop restraining from his urge to challenge to give us a jazzy lounge cut that is as meditative as watching the ocean waters fizzle and crash against the shoreline, or maybe three oceans stacked atop one another.

With a bassline that would make Thundercat purr, "Raum" can hardly be shaken out of its cool. The skeletal production that introduces "Raum" hints of threatening vibes, only to be temporarily subdued by a record scratch, before the bassline sends the monsters to their prison under the bed. The track attempts to fall apart, as the noise samples permeate the relaxation chamber, but the chill is too deep to stiffle entirely.

Freddy Knop's Polyphonies EP is out May 14 on Circle Into Square.