Premiere: Father Finger, “Body Of Bliss”

Providence based electronic solo musician, Father Finger has released the first music video single, “Body of Bliss” off her forthcoming album of the same name. It is an ecstatic sounding dance track interestingly layered with religious chanting and heavenly synth. “Body Of Bliss” is a dance floor ready banger inspired equally by the divine feeling of succumbing the primal need to shake your ass.

After picking up a Abhanga tape at a thrift sore, Kylie Lance (Father Finger) choose to sample the chanting with her own voice in hopes of evoking a warm, positive unearthly feeling. Without trying too hard to express herself through the lyrics (as the chants are not in English), Lance says that she challenged herself to express with pure mood. The video features Lance alongside many of her Providence homies shaking their freaky little butts in front of green screen and landscape. Body Of Bliss is set to come out in the Spring and will be supported by a tour with Farewell my Concubine, the solo project of Angels in America’s Mark Losifescu this April.

– Words by Jane Chardiet