Premiere: Flaamingos, “All I Wanna Do Is Live”

Set to a red tint, Flaamingos "All I Wanna Do Is Live" evokes an added passion to Jerry Narrows' demands of "explicitly all I wanna do is live". The single is among the many examples of "soft centers in pop" that we noted in streaming Flaamingos self-titled record. The guitars are angular, the percussion is damn-near frozen and hollow, but despite those humanless tropes often applied to art-punk or post-punk, Flaamingos manage to sneak in vulnerability among the cool. Narrows notes the fragility, the absence of the definitive, and the expected, but strip the social expectations away and the absolute is a maintained existence. It's all the more troubling he has to go so far as define it as explicit.

Flaamingos self-titled LP is out now on felte.

Tour with Adult.The
12 San Diego, CA @ The Void
17 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo