Premiere: LENZ, “Moody Michelle”

Don't say she has "bitchface", that's just unnecessary and insensitive. Don't call her a Debbie Downer either. Her name is Michelle. In fact, let LENZ handle the criteria for what it means to be a "Moody Michelle". The band did a find casting job for the parts of Michelle and Marie, who appear to be twins or just two girls who are oddly of the same mold and living in Oakland.

Fronted by Andy Human, LENZ are far dreamier than Human's solo outings, particularly on "Moody Michelle'. On the track he's finding a kinship with the moody girls, with the refrain "you're just like me" possibly in hopes that Michelle, Marie and Andy can have one big pity party over a box of wine.

"Moody Michelle" is off LENZ's Ways To End A Day LP on 1-2-3-4 Go!

LENZ's album release party is tonight at The New Parish in Oakland alongside The Mallard, Casy & Brian, and Dragontime. Doors are at 730pm and the show is free. Find out more here.