ST 2 Lettaz, “Trillmatic”

The Block Beattaz are chemists in the studio. When they gave the world G-Side and Slow Motion Soundz it was not delivered in an accessible RIYL formula, but entirely of their own accord. Our introduction to the Beattaz came at a planet alignment time of cloud rap and the mudied waters of southern screw, trap and New York sounds, but even then the Beattaz operated primarily on the outer tier of the Venn diagram of new rap.

ST 2 Lettaz's upcoming The G.. The Growth & Development record will undoubtedly have Beattaz production that catches us off guard, left pondering what fringe dance hit they were able to alter into a thuggish, ruggish banger. "Trillmatic" though, is the Beattaz homaging Pete Rock, The Beatminerz, and DJ Premier, with a bit of their own slant by chopping in Southern bounce drums on the second verse. "Trillmatic" smells like the haze left from D&D studios in the 90's, while ST 2 Lettaz systematically removes every ounce of New York in "Trillmatic" including our inclination to associate his slang with Nas' coinage.

ST 2 Lettaz The G… The Growth & Development is out February 19 on Slow Motion Soundz.