Premiere: Powerdove, “Wandering Jew”

Much like another Minnesota-born folk artist, Annie Lewandowski does not go by her birth name in her busking travels to California, the UK and next month's tour through France. Her eclectic-folk project, Powerdove, began as a solo endeavor in California in 2007, but in its current state she plays with Deerhoof's John Dieterich and Thomas Bonvalet of L’ocelle Mare.

Next month Powerdove will release its third album Do You Burn?, produced by Dieterich. Being a girl of the land of 10,000 Lakes, she wrote near waters like River Itchen in Hampshire, England and among the quiet folk of upstate New York. Her record has hints of her former band The Curtains (also Chris Cohen's former band) and the distilled chamber folk of Nico's Marble Index. Of all the places Lewandowski has sung on "Wandering Jew" there's little space for a hitchhiker's revelery or the braggart charades of a tourist. She is in awe of herself with despair for all her fool-hearted attempts to lament the dunes, the rivers, and distinguished county lines. "Wandering Jew" is an apology to the lands of which she's placed her foot and had the gawl to write a song.

Do You Burn? is out March 19 on Circle Into Square.

Powerdove is touring Europe:
20 Bordeaux, FR I.Boat
21 Nantes, FR Le Stereolux Electric Electric
22 Tours, FR Le temps machine Perrine en morceaux
23 Poitiers, FR Le Confort Moderne Gablé
24 Bayonne, FR Le musée Basque
25 Toulouse, FR Les Papillons sauvages
26 Pau, FR La Centrifugeuse
27 Marseille, FR Le Grim Lee Noble
28 Lyon, FR Grrnd Zero
29 Orléans, FR Salle de l'Institut Peter van Poelh
30 Paris, FR Le Point Éphémère Winter Family