Premiere: Romy, “Home”

As part of the launch of 100% Silk's new DJ Imprint, House of Silk, French-Canadian disco producers EZLV were paired with Melbourne vocalist Romy Hoffman (or Romy for short) for a 12" of lush uptown house anthems. The video for a-side "Home" which features Australian boheme Romy is made in the spirit of bygone eras before humans reduced to pixelation was not symbolic of a Matrix or Lawnmower Man type fear.

It's a video fit to be projected just above the dance floor where "Home" lives to inspire the body movers below that they are living in illuminated and magnificent times where it's possible to transcend our current plane of existence for one in which auras are visible and embody the entirety of one's physical form.

The ENLV/Romy 12" is a limited pressing of 275, so don't delay in copping this House of Silk debut via 100% Silk.