Premiere: Younger Lovers, “My Tears Are Wasted (So Am I)”

The last Younger Lovers video we shared with you featured another street montage—Brontez Purnell (who is the man behind the moniker) was out dancing with a hula hoop in the buoyant, joyful clip for "Hey Now". In a change of pace, Purnell has premiered with us the new vieo for "My Tears Are Wasted (So Am I)", where we see a side of the man that might be familiar to you. Ever call up an ex when you've had one two many summer shandies? Pretty likely. Catch Purnell above doing the Bob Dylan straight-faced man act as a stranger on the street comes up and dances alongside him.

We had a chance to ask Purnell a few questions about the angry side of his persona. Sugar In My Pocket, Younger Lovers' third album, is available now through Southpaw Records.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing to leave angry messages for our exes?

THIS SONG IS A TRUE STORY AND I REGRET NOTHING. Fuck that guy! He was being a poser! That message was the end of us and i haven't looked back since.

The last video you shared featured a lot of dancing—why no dancing in this video?

Daddy was tired and I thought "well what if i had a vid where i just calmed the fuck down for once?" So i did.

Was the appearance of the dancing young woman planned or spontaneous?

BOTH! That's my homegirl from up the way. She always teases me when I see her on the street and her video bombing was part of our ongoing conversation with each other. Ain't she cute?!??!?!?!

Has anyone ever left you an angry message?

OH FUCK YEAH! Are you kidding?!?!?! i got this drunk text from this boy at like 3:15am two mornings ago that was all like "I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY I STILL CARE ABOUT YOU" D R A M A. I kinda like drunk texts you know? Like if someone texts you drunk, at least they're thinking about you, right?

What made you laugh so uproariously at the end of the video?

Nothing really. I'm just a happy boy at heart. I spontaneously laugh all the time!

Is writing a song about an angry message you left someone an apology for the angry message or a further angry message?

It's a more poetic way of telling the dude that this song is about to fuck off as alongside the literal fuck you i gave him when i got wasted and called that night.