PRIME, "Poison"

Post Author: Ian Schneider
When you mix pop with electronic and r&b influences, you get PRIME.  A native of The Philippines, PRIME is of Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, and Indian descent, making him a self-proclaimed “citizen of the world”.  PRIME was raised in New York City, began singing at the early age of 3, and started playing piano at age 7.  Music has been his life, and his experiences add to his pulsating electro/pop music.  The music video for his thumping single “Poison” celebrates the beauty of the human body, while singing about the pain that comes with love. 
Here is a quote from PRIME about the video for “Poison”:
I wanted the music video to portray the complexity of falling love – the vulnerability, the uncertainty, the insecurity. Love can be the most beautiful thing and the most painful thing at the same time. The push and pull between the dancers portrays lovers’ frustrations, while their tenderness displays what we all ultimately want.
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