R. Stevie Moore & Ariel Pink, “Desperation Passion”

People have been dissing its title and there is no way that we want to look at the cover art willingly, but R. Stevie Moore and Ariel Pink's Ku Klux Glam really does have some undeniable jams amongst those 61 tracks (mostly the ones sung by RSM, because Ariel Pink's voice is a little nerve-wracking). "Desperation Passion" is an instrumental track on the record, just a series of anxiously simple chord projections with a little psychy jam out at the end, a true combo track between the two. But in this video the track has been dubbed with what could be described as either spoken word poetry or free-thought association, with Ariel muttering "I know!" frantically in the background and RSM couching his own words with a "Wait wait wait!" about every 15 seconds. In the video, he's just squeezing a stress ball hypnotically. It's a pretty accurate way to describe trying to write ANYTHING on a Monday morning.