RATKING, “Canal”

In concurrence with the release of So It Goes, RATKING dropped the video for "Canal", which exemplifies their deep-seeded roots in "particularly New York shit", as Despot recently put it in a Village Voice interview. "Canal" as a single has Hak and Wiki sharing rapping duties far more than previously heard on the Wiki 93 EP, as the team trade verses and couplets over Sporting Life's messy, chaotic production. For the video, the intensity and chaos is matched with footage from areas within Manhattan hidden from the tourists.

The "Canal" video lurks in back alleys, art studios occupied by teenage squatters, in the isles of Chinese grocery stores, and in underground house shows. This is RATKING's version of New York City, the version they bring to every track on So It Goes. It's noisey because there's little peace and quiet to be found, Wiki and Hak strictly reference locals only life in the city, and if it's difficult to place the the locations of the footage that's because this wasn't made with you in mind.

RATKING's So It Goes is out now on Hot Charity/XL Recordings.